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two e-mail newsletters on all activities of Astragon Roxfalbaran de Gavenor will be published on 1 November 2021 for the first time and from than on whenever there are news about concerts, releases or whatever. The e-mail newsletters are entitled Rox News and Gavenor News Service (like the already existing printed versions) and both can be ordered at gavenornewsservice@catamanta.com . Please simply write an e-mail with your e-mail address and with your choice which of these both e-mail newsletters you like to receive in the future (or both). both newsletters and e-mail newsletters also can be ordered by sending a postcard or letter to Gavenor News Service, P. O. Box 370 241, 14132 Berlin, Germany. please simply write on the postcard or in the letter which of the newsletters and if on paper or as an e-mail newsletter you wish to receive in the future. Rox News is focused more on activities with his vegan (fructarian, breatharian) bands. Gavenor News Service is focused more on solo appearances or orchestral works and book publications.


 Last update: 1 November 2021

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